Based in Manchester, United Kingdom, the vault is a collaboration of two people who love all things video game and film. Growing up in the 80's and 90's video games has always played a big role in our lives and now we get this amazing opportunity to put that passion into our creative work and share it with the film, comic and gaming community. Whether you are looking for exclusive designer collectibles, comic merchandise, film merchandise or gaming merchandise you will find a great range of exclusive items and deals here at the vault. Each month we also have the exclusive vault box which contains a curated collection of amazing items from some of the best pop culture franchises. Each box will have a specific focused theme and each item will be carefully selected to make sure the items you get are the items you want. With every purchase of the vault box, you will have the chance to win a range of discounts on future purchases and the "Legendary drop" which will consist of a high value item which will be won by one lucky person each month.

Here at the vault, our mission is to bring you items that excite and inspire you. We thank you for all of your support from the bottom our hearts.

In a world full of challenges, never accept it for what it appears to be, but see it for what it could be.